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MPSF Donation Form (PDF)

Every Gift is Tax Deductible as allowable by law.  Every Gift Makes a Difference.
Donations to support grants, scholarships, school-based programs and other Foundation activities or the Foundation's general endowment fund are greatly appreciated.

STAR Awards

                         STAR Awards ~ A Great Way to Say Thank You

There are so many ways to tell someone how much you appreciate what they've done for your child or your school.  STAR awards tell staff members, teachers, and administrators that you appreciate them in a way that honors their professionalism and performance and benefits all Monroe Public School children.

When you make a tax-deductible donation to the Monroe Public Schools Foundation's STAR program, MPSF sends a handsome certificate to the staff member, teacher, or administrator you wish to honor.  The certificate includes your name without specifying the dollar amount of the gift, and the minimum gift is $25 per STAR.  You may also choose to pick up your STAR award(s) at the Foundation Office, located at Park Place Middle School, 1408 West Main Street, in Monroe.  Please call ahead so that we will know when to expect you.

You can give a STAR Award to as many persons as you wish. You may either make your donation online using your debit or credit card via PayPal, or by sending a Star Awards Donation Form to the Monroe Public Schools Foundation with a personal check.  Whether paying by personal check or PayPal, start by filling out the STAR Award Donation Form at the link below.  You can either fill it out and print it to mail in with your personal check, or fill it out and email it to the address specified in the form after making your donation online.  If you have questions, please call Sue Skillen at 360-804-4317.

STAR Award Donation Form (MS Word Form)

STAR Award Recipients - 2011/12 School Year

Each STAR Award below will open in a separate window when clicked.

Heidi Engle - Sky Valley Education Center

Korinna Champion - Sky Valley Education Center

Rob Sandelin - Sky Valley Education Center

Thank you for your generous support during the school year.  We hope you will continue to support Star Awards in the future!

Revision Date: 09/10/2012