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Monroe Public
Schools Foundation

Funding Futures

Sue Skillen
Executive Director

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Every Gift is Tax Deductible as allowable by law.  Every Gift Makes a Difference.
Donations to support grants, scholarships, school-based programs and other Foundation activities or the Foundation's general endowment fund are greatly appreciated.

The Need

Can we afford to support the Monroe Public Schools?  We can't afford not to!  Quality education isn't just an investment in our children, it's a cornerstone of our entire community.  It affects everyone's quality of life.  It supports real estate values, the quality of the workforce, the arts, and more.  Here are just a few examples...

The quality of education impacts the number of families wanting to move into the Monroe area...

One of the most important factors families consider before moving to a new area is the quality of the schools in that area.  Even though Monroe schools are faced with the challenges of growing enrollment, our schools have a great reputation for excellence.  Even with our enrollment growth, limited state and federal funding is likely to continue to provide challenges to the education our children receive.  Monroe has a positive reputation for family involvement and strong community support.  Many people move here because they know that education is highly valued in Monroe.  We want to help maintain that quality!

The quality of education impacts the quality of life in the community...

Many crimes in the daytime are committed by young adults who should be in school but are not because they either dropped out of school or because they were suspended or expelled from school.  Some states, such as Indiana, actually predict the number of prison beds needed in the future based on standardized reading test scores of elementary school students.  The quality education provided in Monroe keeps students in school and helps them to be successful in school.  When students are in school and successful everyone in the community benefits.  We want to help maintain that quality!

The quality of education impacts economic factors in the region...

When families move to Monroe because of the quality of life and the quality of schools the value of housing increases and businesses thrive.  Our community relies on the strength of the educational system.  We are fortunate to live in a small town with so much to offer.  Believe it or not, citizens of Monroe are actually paying less real dollars for education today than we did thirteen years ago. Basic tax support per student has gone down from over $6,000 per year to less than $5,000 - without adjustment for inflation.  When schools are successful, the community is successful.  We want to help maintain that quality!

Ways to give...

There are many ways in which individuals, families, groups, or businesses may give to the Monroe Public Schools Foundation, including payroll deduction for District employees, annual pledges paid monthly or quarterly, memorials, matching gifts, bequests, life insurance, securities and real estate, scholarship and program funds.  We look forward to working with you as the needs are great... and our students and staff are worth our time, effort, and support.

Revision Date: 11/23/2011